Saturday, June 4, 2016

Detroit Red Wings/Phoenix Coyotes 1-14-16 Game

We are diehard Detroit Red Wings fans, every year we purchase the NHL Hockey Package so that we can see all of their games way out west. Last Christmas my guy's daughter surprised us with tickets for a game between our Wings and the Phoenix Coyotes. She also gave us a gift card for a hotel room (175 miles away on the oddest 2 lane highway we have ever been on) and a parking pass putting us right by the stadium doors.

When we arrived at the stadium there were more people wearing Wings jerseys than Coyotes jerseys. Our seats put us with a lot of other Wing's fans. Our chants of, "Let's go Red Wings, let's go" were a whole lot louder than the chants for the Coyotes.

It was a really exciting game, when the 3rd period started the Wings were down 0 - 2 and ended up tying up the game which then went into overtime and the Wings won. HORRAY!!!!

This page is based on this sketch by Sketch - N - Scrap for their current challenge - #106.

I used a picture of the pregame warm up and the scoreboard with the final score.

I am going to enter this layout in this challenge:
Sketch - N - Scrap