Saturday, June 4, 2016

Photo Scavenger Hunt #3 - Camper - Scrapbook Page - Team Logo

Here is my 3rd post for the Photo Scavenger Hunt.



I got 2 campers, they are both down the street from us. I spotted them yesterday when we went out for a few groceries.
Double scrapbook page of a Detroit Red Wings/Phoenix Coyotes hockey game we went to in January (thanks to my guy's daughter, the tickets, room and parking were our Christmas gift). It was our first venture down to the Phoenix area. I just completed this page for the scavenger hunt and a challenge over at Sketch - N - Scrap, based on this sketch.

AND!!! Our Detroit Red Wings team logo on a program from the Red Wings/Sharks game we attended in Detroit back in 2012. Once again, thanks go my guy's daughter, the tickets were another Christmas gift. And a Wing's logo I had picked up back in Michigan before we moved to the high desert of Arizona.
I have about 3,000 pictures to get printed up and made into pages since before our move in July 2012, I just love these challenges that make me get at least a couple of those pics scrapped at a time.
I need to find a bicycle for the scavenger hunt. I think there are more horses in town than bicycles due to the very steep hills and heat, not very many people ride a bike around here.

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