I love my cacti

I have had this cactus for 11 years, it was part of a cacti garden I bought with the few dollars I won while in Vegas in 2003.

What started as a small plant about the size of the smallest of these is now in 3 separate pots and I have also cut off and given away a few pieces of it over the years.
I won this in Vegas, took it home to Michigan and let it grow then brought it with us on our move to Arizona so basically it's back to within 100 miles of the place I bought it at.
All cacti are protected in Arizona, you can't just go out in the wild and take a cutting or a plant you have to buy them. I got very lucky this year, we found 4 cacti growing wild in the yard so I transplanted them and they are already growing.
Prickly Pear Cactus found and transplanted 8-3.
Unknown Cacti 9-4. Darned google won't let me post it the correct way nor will google let me put it on the page where I want it.

Prickly Pear on 9-4.



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