Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just for fun

The other day I decided that I didn't have enough crafty responsibilities on my plate so just for fun I pulled out my Darcie's "Enjoy the Little Things" shrink plastic set. This set came with a CD with the image files on it and 4 sheets of shrink plastic, it is all pre-colored.


First you choose an image from the CD then print it onto the shrink plastic, cut the image out leaving a bit of white showing. If you want to add any hangy items you have to punch the hole before you shrink the items.
Shrink per package directions (first I did the biggest piece all by itself because different sized pieces take different amounts of time to shrink). After the plastic cooled I layered my images, added jewels to the flower centers and a clip to the bottom of the main piece and top of the red flower. Then I added another clip to the bottom of the red flower and threaded the key and jewel onto it.
I didn't take a picture of the back but there are 3 round magnets on the back, it can hang from any metal surface you choose to put it on.
Very fun and easy to do. I wish I had bought more of the shrink plastic at the time, this was 1 of my purchases at the last Great Lakes Mega Meet I was able to attend before moving to Arizona.
I also used this shrink plastic to make a, "If you need a babysitter" magnet that my sister requested as she wanted it as a gift to give to her pastor's wife for her baby shower.
For this one I used my Circuit and Baby Steps cartridge to cut the pieces then I used colored pencils to color them and then I shrank them. The printing on the white piece was done with my printer before I cut out the business card sized (after shrinking) piece. 


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