Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This looks like FUN!!!!

I want to play along but I haven't quite figured all of this out yet....how do I put it on my sidebar?

Join in on the fun.


If you join in on this, you can get a free digi. I hope that I have it all set up right, I spent a lot of time trying to get it right last night.


  1. It looks perfect to me.
    I see you got it in your sidebar.
    Glad you are going to join the fun there,too.

    1. I thought it had to be a link to the Creative Bugs blog but Namoi set me straight. I played and played with it again this afternoon and really felt like I was spinning my wheels.
      Crafty Hugs,

  2. Hi Sue! First of all thank you for participating in our upcoming challenge! We are delighted to have you...Now about the question you asked... You have the badge already in place so now all you have to do is go back to the same post and leave your link... which is :


    From your question I am gathering you thought the badge on the sidebar had to be clickable by having a link, that is not the case here but if you decide to or ever need to do that for future challenges on another blog here is what you do:

    Go to your blogger Dashboard
    Go to layouts
    Add Gadge (Choose add image)
    In the box that comes up there will be a place to put a link in and upload pic from your computer... voila!

    Hope this helps! If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask. xxx

  3. I copied your link wrong Sue...I was in the comments section, my bad!
    Here is the right one: FOR THIS POST " This looks like Fun"


    To understand more about links , let me see if I can make it simple, likely not! LOL But here goes:

    There is a link to your blog which is :


    Then there is a link to every post in your blog so in order to have the right link you have to click on your post TITLE such as " This looks like Fun"... once you are in that post you can then copy the URL such as:
    http://suek86401.blogspot.ca/2014/02/What ever the name of your post is/.com
    then people will be taken directly to that one post, not your general blog with all posts...make sense?

    Maybe while I am here I should make it clear that the link:


    is to be posted in the comment section at this link:


    Are you tired of the word links yet? They say every thing is easy when you know how so take your time to learn about it and it will be second nature in no time at all! xxx

  4. Hi Naomi, thank you for stopping by my blog and all of your advice. Yes, I thought it needed to be a clickable to the blog post on Creative Bugs. No wonder I couldn't get it exactly right.

  5. Thanks so much Sue for helping to spread the word! Please send me an email at CBD_winclaims [at] outlook [dot] com to make arrangements to claim your free digi!

    Lisa D.
    Promotional Coordinator
    Creative Bug Digital Snapshots


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