Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Walking around our new neighborhood came to a total halt over the cold, windy winter months, we just recently resumed our daily walks and it has been HARD!!! These steep hills are really hard to walk up and when the wind is blowing it is doubly hard.

There is a Kingman logo on a hill not far from us (or so I thought) and I have been wanting to walk up to see the huge, "K" and "2013" written out with white rocks.

The first mistake we made was deciding to to for it today and see if we could make it all the way up and down the hills before us en route to our destination.

Mistake two was taking what we thought was an RV trail (they are very common all over town) which turned out to be a hill that we really didn't need to climb over hazardous terrain, walking down the other side was as much of an adventure as climbing up was.

Then came the actual hill we needed to climb to reach the, "K", by the time we picked our way through the rocks we discovered that we were actually behind downtown Kingman, quite a distance from our house.

We didn't get quite to the, "K", it was getting to be too hard to walk on the rocks on the, "path". Going off the path can be dangerous, snakes and things live over there.

Getting home wasn't too bad, getting up this last hill was a bit of a job but we made it and now I am totally exhausted and hurt from head to toe, will I be able to get out of bed in the morning?

I had better get myself up and about, my son and his wife will be here in 12 days, I have a lot to get done before they arrive.

Plus the time I need to take advantage of my prize for my, "Route 66 Bouquet" design which leads to more designing, my fav thing to do if we can't be out riding.

View of Mountains

I'm going to have to get a shot of the big, "K" on the hill to post.

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