Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Japanese papers

The kids brought me some BEAUTIFUL Japanese crafting papers. They measure 5 7/8" x 5 7/8", not quite big enough for many things but I believe that I can create some stunning projects with them, I'll be sure to post them here when they are finished.

Here are a few examples of these beautiful papers.

We have been having a wonderful visit. They arrived at 830 Sunday night, we had sloppy joes, home fries and ambrosia for dinner as well as chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips for dinner. David and Miki both ate like we couldn't believe, David misses American food and Miki has a sense of adventure when it comes to food, she likes to try all she can.

Monday found us at the Road Runner for breakfast en route to Oatman. Miki had a great time petting and feeding the donkeys, David got some great scenery pictures. Our next stop was the Bullhead City Walmart, they have a long list of itmes to buy and take home to family and friends including cereal and candy. Then it was time for dinner and we had some really excellent Mexican yummies at El Palacio's Bullhead City location. Once again, both kids ate like they loved it, sharing thier plates with each other while Rick and I shared 2 cheese enchalidas, I ate the refried beans while Rick had the rice.

Tuesday we had cereal for breakfast, Miki was so excited to have, "an American breakfast", I had put 3 boxes of cereal on the table, I think that both of them ate some of each box. Our plan was Mohave Sportsman's Club for some target practice (neither one of them had ever fired a gun before), Miki was very hesistant to even hold a gun, much less shoot one but once she tried it and saw that, "no one died", she fired it a few more times and hapily emailed the pictures to her entier family and David's bff.

Wendy's for lunch, I think they ordered 1 of everything on the menu. The Mohave Museum of History and Arts was next on the list then over to Locomotive Park and a stop at White Cliffs to see where the ore wagons carved ruts deep into the rocks as they hauled the ore from the Stockton Hill mines to the railroad. KFC for dinner and they devoured every bite.

I was awakened by David being ill which was followed by several more trips to the bathroom for the poor kid, he finally held down a popsicle, he's on his second one now, it's been several hours since the last one. I  hope that he's mending. We had planned on going to the Grand Canyon Caverns today, they will just have to come and visit again but I do wish they would stay for another day.

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