Friday, March 8, 2013

Rain, Rain go away

I spent my day yesterday assembling, cutting, more assebmling and hanging of Easter decorations. My son and his wife will be arriving from Japan on 3-18, Miki loves to see American holiday decorations and learn our traditions. Even though they won't be here on Easter, we are still having an Easter Basket Hunt and if Miki is interested, we will also color some eggs.

I used my, "Happy Easter" banner from the Extreme Fonts Contest, make a couple of fancy looking Easter Eggs, an Easter Bunny for Miki, a skunk for David and thier names along with a couple of Easter Baskets, it looks nice and I had planned on taking pics to post today but it's RAINING in Kingman today. They claim that this weekend is going to be the last of the cold stuff (with snow falling above 4,500 feet, glad that we're only at 3,400 feet)and that we will be at 77 degrees by next Saturday.

Tomorrow morning we have to be AT the fairgrounds before 9am, we want to get to the gun show early in hopes of finding some ammo.

10 days until the kids arrive from Japan, should I prepare them for culture shock?

Whenever the sun decides to pop out again I'll post pics of the decorations.

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