Monday, August 15, 2016

The long, long trip........

As a few of you may have noticed, I haven't done any posting for a while that is because I was away on a very long trip. I have never been away from home for an entire month before and I don't think that I'll ever do that again. I HATE hotels, they all seem to be so filthy and GROSS!! We just happened to leave Arizona when the excessive heat dome hit the country. It was impossible to keep on riding in all of that heat all day long so we ended up taking 9 days to ride from Arizona to Michigan, sleeping in nasty hotels all the way. Then we spent 2 weeks sleeping on a couch before a 7 day ride home. We did spend the last night on the road at the Twin Arrows Casino just east of Flagstaff, AZ. What a hotel, beautiful, clean and I didn't have to wear my hazmat suit to shower or sleep.

Don't get me started on the 20 hours I spent locked in a hospital waiting room not knowing anyone in there on my birthday waiting for a baby to be born. Being claustrophobic, having to spend any amount of time in a small room is way, way too much for me.

I was able to get a few pictures of things I needed for the Scavenger Hunt I have been playing along with this summer.

#7 - A family gathering - my sister and I having Afternoon Tea in Tawas City, MI

#9 - Someone playing with, in or near water - here I am wading in Lake Huron on a chilly day.


#14 - Buffet of food - Afternoon Tea YUMMIES!!!

#16 - A map showing a trip taken during the time period - our route to Michigan...the return was more fun as we took several back roads.

#18 - A supermarket cart, basket or trolley full of groceries.
I still have a few more items to collect.


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  1. What a great and definitely memorable road trip you've had!!
    Of course, there's no place like home -- but it's fun to have had the adventures! Thanks for sharing!!


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