Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Trip Pics...........

I have to admit that I was not very good at taking pictures as we traveled along. Most days it was just too HOT to wear that camera strap around my neck, not to mention how much I HURT from head to toe and the total exhaustion I felt as we rode along.

Missouri Rest Area

There is a mini Route 66 at this rest area.

A yellow Goldwing parked next to us.

Michigan barn, I have a thing for barns.

The weather we were riding into. We did get WET twice.

HOORAY!!! We FINALLY made it to Michigan on our 9th day on the road.

The BEST place in the entire world for cheese steak hoagies. Sadly we didn't have the opportunity to eat here. We had a list of 8 places we wanted to eat at while in Michigan but only got to 3 of them. I tell you the next time someone asks me where I want to eat at and they tell me they, "know someplace better" I just might SOCK them out. I don't want your, "someplace better", I want what I remember.

They put a skateboard park where our childhood pool used to be?

One of the places we had on our list to eat at. It is rather hard to see my Big Boy, "do".
We left Kingman, AZ on 7-16, on 7-20 we had only reached Joplin, Missouri and were totally, "burned out" so to speak and decided to spend 2 nights in Joplin. The laundry machines were right around the corner from our room and FREE so I did laundry while we were there.
We took advantage of the hotel's hot tub and indoor pool which helped my sore bones to feel better for a few days.

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