Friday, January 22, 2016

Penquin Tea Party and Quilling

Time for more fun with Deena's Tea Bag Envelopes at Ewe-N-Me Printables this time I choose this darling little file.
You get 2 envelopes on each sheet and you can print as many as you need.
I combined Deena's file with some quilling, as you can see I still need a lot of practice with my quilling.
It is so darned cold here in NW Arizona, the first winter we were here was beautiful and really warm but ever since then the winters have been cold and this one is the coldest. It is even cold down in Phoenix.
I used my quilling, "skills" (ha ha) on the little teapot and cup.

I want to spend some time working on my quilling skills, I had gotten to be fairly good at it when I was doing it all the time, it is one of those things that if you don't do any for a while you need to practice.
The cup was a gift from my pen pal/girlfriend Pat who lives in Indiana. On our way West we were able to stop to meet her for lunch. We had a great time and hated to leave but we really didn't have the time to take our time, we wanted to make sure we arrived before our furniture did.


  1. Very cute card - love the quilling and image!!!

  2. Your cards are sooo cute. LoVe your wonderful quilling. Thanks for sharing.
    Crafty hugs,


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