Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I won and more!!!

A couple weeks ago I participated in a challenge over at Golden Goddess Designs and I won. My prize arrived yesterday and I was so surprised at the wonderful extras Alicia had added to the package, she even sent me some earrings that she made, I am planning of wearing them for my wedding.

Here is my prize package:

I hope that you can see the beautiful earrings in front of the spool of twine, they are suns and have beautiful amber stones. Alicia made sure to send a pair that I won't have any allergic reaction to, thank you again Alicia. The wedding stickers and foam stickers in are also extras and Alicia included a very nice card thanking me for my participation in her challenge.
I have been also been busy with making myself a new top in my fav color for the wedding:
Nothing fancy, just a new top in my fav color that is cool enough to wear in the Arizona heat, it is 97 right now, too hot to be going outside. I haven't done much sewing for the past several eons, it was kind of nice to be sitting at my machines again. You notice that I said, "kind of" I used to LOVE sewing and would spend hours sitting at my machine, now it's ok but no longer a passion. I really SHOULD sew up some of the fabric I have, I do need some new clothes.

I also designed and made some wedding announcements that I can mail to family and friends after we tie the knot, all I have left to do on them is print the insides and add the ribbon.
Next on my agenda is to see if I can make a decent paper bouquet to carry down the aisle or at least hold onto, I don't know if there will be an actual aisle or what yet.