Monday, June 9, 2014

From Pony Beads to Acrylic Dots

I have been reading on a few blogs on how to turn inexpensive pony beads into acrylic dots for paper crafting and decided that I wanted to try it.

Go from this................

To this....................

Right out of the oven.

This was really easy to do:

Preheat oven to 475 degrees.
Cover heavy duty cookie sheets with parchment paper, don't substitute with wax paper. Cut to fit inside pan, don't let any hang over the edges.
Place beads 1" apart.
Carefuly place cookie sheets in oven and bake 12-15 minutes, turning pans after 6 -7 minutes. I had the oven light on and kept watching them through the oven glass.
Remove from oven and let cool for a few minutes on pans, the beads will slide right off the parchment paper when they are cool enough, it only took a couple of minutes.
I did notice a bit of a plastic melting odor but it didn't bother me. If you melt a second batch, change your parchment paper.
I bought a pack of 720 9mm pony beads for $3.99 at Jo Ann's, they also had a smaller size of beads, I didn't look at the package to see what size they were, I should have gotten them also. They are in the kid's craft area at Jo Ann's.



  1. I can hardly wait to dig these out and give this a try. Talk about an economical way to get enamel dots!!! Great tip!

  2. It is a fab way to create enamel dots...a lot cheaper too. Thanks for sharing x

  3. Thanks for the instructions! I'll have to give this a try when the hubs and daughter are back at work. {So they won't complain about the smell. LOL} Can't wait to see them on one of your projects.
    Crafty hugs,


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