Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter is here

We have been enjoying some pretty great weather for it being winter, until today that is. It is only about 50 degrees outside, it is overcast and we had a bit of rain. Darn, it was almost 75 just last week, I want that weather back.

Today was our monthly trip down to Bullhead City to visit Smart and Final (what a name for a grocery store) and Sam's Club. It was warmer down there, still overcast but no rain.

We didn't get very much at Smart and Final but they are the cheapest place for bacon and cheese. We did pick up a few more items but really not much.

Got the last two cases of gallons of spring water at Sam's Club, I hope that the 3 gallons I had left and the 2 cases will last me until next month. We also bought 2 cases of single bottles, I can't go anywhere in this climate without water. I really should get an ultrasound of my kidney, the water in this town has a tendency to cause kidney stones to form, I was forming enough on my own before moving here.

I'm worn out, hope to be able to enjoy some crafting time tomorrow.

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