Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finishing Wedding Scrapbook

I have been working on my niece's wedding scrapbook for a while now. I am finally almost finished, just a few finishing touches and it will be ready to box up.
Then I need to spend a day or two putting my baby sister's little scrapbook together, her and 2 of her kids were in the wedding. The pics are all printed up and in order, they just need to be added to the book and an embllishment or two added to each page.
When I have them all finished up and my mess cleaned up for a second time, (last week I couldn't find myself in here so I had to do a bit of a clean up) I am going to start in on some Valentine challanges. I have some stacking boxes that have been crying to be made into something special, I hope they turn out the way they look in my head.

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