Friday, August 23, 2013

Mirror Art

Yesterday I decided that it was time to decorate the guest room mirror. I have other things to work on but this sounded like a better way to spend my time.

Whole Mirror

Left side

Right side


What will I find to work on next?

My son and his wonderful, beautiful wife sent me a Cinch for my birthday. I used it to make a calendar for a friend, I'm not going to be posting it in respect for his privacy. 


  1. You are so creative, Sue!

    1. Thanks Kare. It looks like we are in for another all day rain. Instead of wasting today in front of the tv I think that I might get something done.

  2. Hi tried to send a MB PM awhile back and then today and your PM box is full.
    I just got a Cinch while on vacation but haven't used it yet.
    Love your mirror.
    dragonfly50 on MB

    1. My mailbox is full? LOLOLOLOL What a joke. I'll have to see what if anything I can do about that.
      The Cinch is GREAT, I love it. I'm working on a small wedding album for my sister of her daughter's wedding. I'm going to bind it with the Cinch.
      Thanks, the mirror was kind of fun to play with but I still have a lot of vinyl to use up. I'll probably use some on my jar project that is still sitting here unfinished.

    2. Thanks D. :):)
      I have been keeping myself real busy working on a scrapbook for my sis as well as a couple of other partialy finished/sitting here looking at me projects, you know the kind, you're not sure what to do next so you just kind of stare at them waiting for inspiration. :):):) I'm working with jars and trying to come up with the perfect medium for holding my flower "stems" in place.
      I've also been trying to get enough decent pics of our hummingbirds for a hummingbird calendar.
      Thank you for all of the great comments on my work, it is always nice to know when someone appreciates your work.
      Do you have to go back to school tomorrow?

    3. Yes and I am soooo NOT READY for summer to be over.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    4. I hope that your first day back at school went well. Summer will continue on here in AZ until about mid November.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come back often.
      I forgot to tell you the shrink plastic is easy and fun but expensive, about $6.00 for 4, 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of the shrink plastic, $20.00 if you also want a CD with different designs on it.


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